This is an out take from the Harold's book that is being produced by Josie Ramondetta. Welding up a mold plate for the Harold's Primary cover.

The book will be available at the Born Free 5 show this year. Come by and see us at our little shack in the grass if you make it out to the show. It will also be available at the Harold's store online. very soon!

Harold's Panhead Intake Manifold

The directional flow of the Shovelhead intake manifold will soon be incorporated in the Panhead intake manifold. This is the next cast aluminum project by Harold's. Its currently being designed and soon to be flow tested! I want to gain as much performance as possible without compromising the original aesthetic. More details soon, stay tuned...

S&S air cleaner molestation.

This last shot shows the fat we trimmed from the stock cover on Jason Jessee's shovelhead, "The Crazy Negro"

Im working on a photo book produced By Josie Ramondetta exposing the attitude behind Harold's Iron Works. -American Craftsmen-

 The book will be very limited and available at the Born Free 5 Show this June. Stay tuned for more details...