Hammer and wrench in hand

Filming day with Meditation 4 Madmen

 I did a little filming the other day with www.meditation4madmen.com for an upcoming project. Stay tuned for more...

It's a part of the good times...

It's been nearly two years since I broke my leg while riding my Shovelhead or should I  say crashing it. This was from a slight miscalculation of speed and corner degree. Actually I came in way too hot in a hairpin corner at night on a mountain twisty road that I never had road before.
 The doctors fit me with a cast from toe to hip for 8 weeks and one from my knee down for nearly 8 more weeks. I didn't get any metal inserted in my bones which is best for the long haul but certainly made for a slow heal. Loosing my favorite boots to the paramedic scissors was a big bummer too. This best part was the bike barely took any abuse. It laid over pretty gently in some roadside shrubbery. I was fortunate to only have a broken tim/fib and some good friends who scrapped me off the street and got me to a hospital.

  It took over a year before I could kick a bike over properly. It's a small price to pay for the feeling of riding a Harley you built yourself. I love choppers!

Joe Smith...american badass!

From this moment on, let it be known, I am on a path of purpose built machines...full speed violence!

Getting Low

 Freedom is doing what people say you can't...

Purpose built

Black Tibetan

I did a little maintenance on this machine recently. This bike stated a revolution of sorts. Jason Jessee built this bike  in 1999. It was and is a major influence on the chopper scene. He has an inner view in the works over at www.showclassmag.com It's an online open question format. All of his answers to those question will be printed in the mag when the inner view is released. If you ever wanted to ask Jason anything now is your chance.

Blu-Arc Single Fire Ignition

This little ignition was made by Sifton in the late '60's and early '70's. It's a single fire points ignition for Harley Bigtwin. This one features dual plug capabilities. They are so cool!