It's a part of the good times...

It's been nearly two years since I broke my leg while riding my Shovelhead or should I  say crashing it. This was from a slight miscalculation of speed and corner degree. Actually I came in way too hot in a hairpin corner at night on a mountain twisty road that I never had road before.
 The doctors fit me with a cast from toe to hip for 8 weeks and one from my knee down for nearly 8 more weeks. I didn't get any metal inserted in my bones which is best for the long haul but certainly made for a slow heal. Loosing my favorite boots to the paramedic scissors was a big bummer too. This best part was the bike barely took any abuse. It laid over pretty gently in some roadside shrubbery. I was fortunate to only have a broken tim/fib and some good friends who scrapped me off the street and got me to a hospital.

  It took over a year before I could kick a bike over properly. It's a small price to pay for the feeling of riding a Harley you built yourself. I love choppers!